Marfell\'s Beach

Welcome to Marfell's Beach. Great moments have happened here for generations ever since Edward Marfell gifted this stretch of the Marlborough from his farm to the public in 1925. It is an easy and relaxed place, nothing fancy. Beach holidays in the tent or the caravan, new friendships around the rockpools and long walks along the rugged coastline. It is a playground, free for fun, adventure and laughter.

Up the road in the Awatere Valley, his great grandson Stu, along with some friends, makes a quality drop of wine. He also loves to get out and enjoy life, whether it be charging up a hill on his bike or lying on the grass, relaxing after a job well done pruning the roses.

We think that a part of enjoying life is about living in the moment. Wherever you are, whatever your playground is, enjoy it! Go on, and we'll help you celebrate your moments with a drop of Marfell's Beach! To us!

Edward Marfell

Awatere Valley Wine This drop goes out to everyone who has mastered the art of living in the moment. To us.